Technion International School Visiting Students Program

Student Fees

The following are the student fees (campus security, welfare services and student union) for international visiting students:

For the winter semester - 656 NIS

For the spring semester - 435 NIS

For both semesters - 1091 NIS

For the summer semester (new students only) - 160 NIS

Dormitory rent

The monthly rent for a room in the student dormitory is 1,250 NIS in campus.

Rental payments and an additional security deposit of 800 NIS must be prepaid. The student receive a voucher from the students account office (Ullman Building room 414 - reception hours are 11:00-12:00) and pay in cash at the bank on campus.

In addition, student need to fill out a contract for residence in the student account office - 2024 Dormitories Contract