Graduate Students


Graduate Studies Tuition

1. Tuition for the MSc/ME degree

Tuition is determined per study requirements of the student as specified at time of admittance to the Graduate School.

Study requirement include; supplementary and graduate credit points, minus exemptions when applicable. (Please note: the thesis is equivalent to 20 credit points).

100% tuition for the 2023-24 academic year, according to the June 2023 index is 15,265 ILS for students with an Israeli citizenship.

International students (without an Israeli citizenship), will pay an additional 25% i.e. 19,081 ILS.

Minimum tuition per degree, for students without exemptions is 200% tuition.

2. Tuition for the PhD Degree

PhD students' minimum tuition is between 200%-290% tuition, to be paid as follow:

  • 1st year                100% for the year
  • 2nd & 3rd year       100% per year
  • 4th year                30% per year until submission of the thesis

3 .Tuition Forms

Upon arrival in Israel, please fill out and submit the two tuition forms in the following links:

Authorization to debit a bank account

Tuition & Fees declaration

To submit the forms, please use the attached link-

You will receive information and help in this regard from the Graduate School's international students' advisor.

4. Fees

Tuition is paid in four instalments each year – two instalments per semester.

Two weeks prior to each instalment, an email message will be sent to the student detailing the sum to be paid. Should you not receive such a message in the above mentioned time slots, please contact our office. We ask that you verify that the sums were indeed transferred from your bank account.

5. Additional Fees

Parking – annual payment for a campus parking permit. There are different fees for different kinds of permits.

Security fees – Graduate students are required to pay an annual "security fee" prorated with tuition payment per year. 100% annual fee=450 ILS.

Student Card – Membership in the student union is 211 ILS per year. Student who are not interested will notify the Student Union in Writing, and will not be charged.

Welfare - 3 portion Scholarship recipients and above, that are members in the students union, will pay 100 NIS per semester, in order to enter the pool.

National Student Union -  under the law of student rights, undergraduate and master students only, will pay an annual payment of 10 ILS  for the national student union organization.

6. Students receiving scholarships

Scholarship recipients will be given a tuition scholarship (exemption from tuition). The rate of tuition scholarship will be relative to the number of scholarship portion awarded.

1 portions – 25% Tuition scholarship rate

2 portions – 50% Tuition scholarship rate

3 portions – 75% Tuition scholarship rate

4 portions and above – 100% Tuition scholarship rate

For a period in which no scholarship is awarded, tuition will be charged in accordance with the regulations.

7. Students who are about to graduate

students who intend to submit the Thesis -


Dormitory rent

For the academic year 2022-2023 the rental is 40% higher than the rental set for the current year.

the rates are as follows:

New East - 1 in a room    1,185  NIS

Nave America - 1 in a room    1,185 NIS

Canda Village - 1 in a room   1,185 NIS

New East – couples    2,437 NIS

Graduate Student Village - couples - 2 rooms   2,888 NIS

Graduate Student Village - couples/families - 3 rooms   3,263 NIS

Graduate Student Village - families - 4 rooms  3,714 NIS

.From the academic year 2023-2024 the rental will be 33% higher than the rent base rate for the current year

Dormitory payments and amounts due for the previous month's electricity and water bills will transfer to Technion from the student's bank account (as authorized by the student to debit) on the 10th day of each month- Authorization to debit a bank account form

In addition, students need to fill out a contract for residence in the student account office - 2024 Dormitories Contract